Paul Wiebe 
Head of Mathematics and Software Development – based in our Canada Office

Paul is a co-owner and director of instinct and reason and is a central part of the Advanced Analytics & Business Solutions division.  Paul has over 10 years experience in marketing and began his lifelong love of learning by graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics with Distinction, during the course of which he published a solution to a metric classification problem in general relativity.  He then shifted focus somewhat and earned an Master of Science from the University of Alberta in Pure Mathematics, working with Order of Canada recipient Robert V. Moody on the mathematical representation of quasicrystalline structure via diffraction.

After this he left the university and began working at Advanis Inc modelling quantal choice data.  For four years he innovated: a couple of new algorithms for generating experimental designs and an expert system for the estimation of choice data.  The novelty in the first experimental design generator was its employment of pseudo estimation to optimize the search.  The second generator is a trade secret.  It was also during this period that he discovered a violation of the axiom of choice in a nested logit model put forward by some industry insiders. Unfortunately his submissions were pre-empted.  Paul left after four years, returning to his studies, this time for his PhD in the area of Probability and Stochastic Analysis again at the University of Alberta.

Paul had invested three years in his work on a Bayesian filtering technique for stochastic and time-dynamical data before he was lured back into industry full-time.  Another three years have suddenly passed and Paul has developed frequentist and Bayesian choice estimators, a CORBA-based DSS engine and another very effective experimental design search algorithm.