End-stage of life, assisted dying and religion

As various jurisdictions are presently addressing the question of legalising assisted, end of life dying, a deep delve on this issue was timely since it would provide the public with an independent picture of where Australians stand on this issue. Since 2013, instinct and reason has conducted a quarterly on-line, social survey monitoring socio-economic issues … Continue reading End-stage of life, assisted dying and religion Read more

Hearing aid use and individual wellbeing

Three waves of the over 50s instinct and reason study (n=3,085) asked questions about hearing, hearing aid use and their wellbeing. Dr Anthony Hogan, Faculty of Health Sciences, from the University of Sydney, has prepared a report on the basis of that data. Executive Summary : Of people aged over 50 years, our analysis found … Continue reading Hearing aid use and individual wellbeing Read more

Wukalina Aboriginal walk

Instinct and Reason undertook a choice modelling project in 2015 that guided the development of the final walk design and its price. The research showed a high level of interest in Aboriginal culture amongst Australians and encouraged the development of the Wukalina walk. It is a four day, three night walk that will be guided … Continue reading Wukalina Aboriginal walk Read more

Mental Health benchmark

Millions of workers will be the focus of New South Wales’ first ever summit aimed at developing a state-wide strategy to improve mental health in the workplace. Improving mental health strategies in the workplace would not only improve productivity, but also improve lives. Adults spend more than one third of their lives at work, making … Continue reading Mental Health benchmark Read more

SafeWork NSW in 2016

Instinct and Reason worked with SafeWork NSW in 2016 to develop the safety subsidy campaign. The research involved focus groups across NSW and a quantitative strategic choice model which determined the optimal settings for the financial subsidies. The ‘carrot’ approach to workplace safety for Quad bikes appears to be proving a success with farmers. The … Continue reading SafeWork NSW in 2016 Read more