Our inspiration for fresh, ‘real’ and relevant insights comes from two sources –

  • Turning inwardly to our team – with skill sets firmly grounded in research, yet diverse and qualified in anthropology, social policy, sociology, mathematics, psychology, marketing and brand strategy – we are able to draw inspiration from a cross pollination of thinking across disciplines and world experiences which allows us to frame the customer story in a meaningful way.
  • We also look outwardly by keeping our pulse on movements in popular culture, and fundamental shifts or emergence of trends – with real human needs underpinning them – that impact the ability of businesses to make sustainable profits.

We have adapted our approach to ‘research’ much like people are cognitively and emotionally structured. As humans, consumers draw on their rational self and their intuitive self. We think (rational decisions), and we feel (intuitive decisions).

We have built tools and methods that tap into both aspects of this human psyche, so we can best extract real consumer understanding of what drives behaviours, choices, needs, aspirations…

This has created an approach to research that draws heavily on both divergent (often involving instinct) and convergent (usually involving reason) techniques.

Learn more – see What We Do and How We Do It.