On behalf of the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (FFW CRC), instinct and reason undertook a massive research piece looking at the behaviours and attitudes of Australian households around food waste. This also involved measuring and quantifying actual household food waste, against what people ‘think’ they waste. This research follows on from a previous study undertaken in 2019 benchmarking national food waste.

This 2020/2021 study achieves three measures of food waste, starting with a self-reported survey undertaken by main and joint household food waste managers, followed by an electronic diary recording food waste over a seven day period, and finally, a physical bin audit to measure the actual food waste found, as compared to the electronic diary.

This study is part of a broader FFW CRC research project aimed at designing effective interventions to reduce household food waste identify global best practise interventions, household food waste reduction interventions for priority segments, messages for selected intervention and cost-effective methodologies for evaluating the impact of selected interventions.

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For more information about this study feel free to contact David Donnelly or Danica Jobson.

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