We held our hugely popular 15th Insights breakfast seminar on 25 November at the Establishment in Sydney. Yet again, the turnout was spectacular, and we would like to thank all of you who got out of bed early to join us!

We are seeing and hearing more about the way that ‘consumer violations’ by brands and organisations lead to anti-brand activism. This challenges marketers in major ways but a more pervasive problem is that for many more consumers, the violations they feel they suffer at the hands of organisations lead to a feeling of disengagement. Our research around online complaining behaviours also shows the potential for customers to punish or avoid organisations that don’t resolve their complaints. Evidence shows that consumers‘ desire for revenge dissipates while avoidance behaviour increases with time. In other words, online complainers maintain grudges through their increasing desire to completely disengage with firms.

The best customers with firm relationships, feel more betrayed and hold stronger revenge and avoidance behaviours than customers with weaker relationships.


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