Advanced analytics is a core part our business.

We understand that clients need practical solutions – this is why when we report our quantitative findings to clients we cut through thick academic models and any mathematical algorithms, to deliver rich insights in simple, clear and actionable business terms. This is what we do best.

We don’t force fit a model or analysis method to your problem either. We adapt our models to your business problem.


Understanding the research problem is the reason why our analysts are so successful at what they do. They work closely with you, and not in an engine room.

This is how we do it –  with research, analysis, and software development.

  • Internal R&D unit where our proprietary products are developed, such as our demand forecaster, a price and product optimizer suite, customer loyalty & KPI model etc.
  • Provision of advanced analytical services (internal and external client service delivery) by our qualified ‘gurus’ with commercial know-how
  • For any organisation swimming in data and needing to know how to make practical sense of multiple or single, small or mega data sources
  • In need of data mining and/or data manipulation or fusion
  • In need of testing hunches, or hypotheses with real number crunching

Provision of software development

  • developing front-end user interfaces which houses data across multiple sources
  • which houses data from a market research study (e.g customer satisfaction study)
  • which allows you to turn your research reports into real live working ‘models’ (eg. simulating behavioural changes)
  • which provides your team a dedicated study interface via a web portal where your whole team can interact with the results of your study in a user friendly, accessible and secure format.
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