At instinct and reason we understand what it takes to be successful in the financial world.

For financial institutions to stay relevant and competitive in the industry today, they not only need to understand the context in which they are playing in, but also understand how to keep up with this ever changing environment.

For financial institutions to be successful, they need to examine their current state, as well as the world they live in. Do they have a clear and motivating position? Are they delivering their key messages with clarity, and authenticity? Are they providing products and services that are desirable to their customers? In this ever changing world, do they understand what their customers needs are and are they delivering on those needs? Are their customers loyal, are they satisfied? Is the institution continually improving, are they keeping up with the pace of change in the world? How do they stack up compared to competitors?

instinct and reason provide a solid framework to tackle real problems, and we work with our clients to deliver results in insightful, strategic and relevant ways.


For the past 16 years instinct and reason has worked with a multitude of financial services clients, asking the big questions and providing a variety of methodologies to cater to their research needs.

From second and third tier institutions, through to some of those from the Big Four, instinct and reason has worked with a wide range of institutions, resulting in a wealth of understanding and insight into the industry that is financial services.

From qualitative methods, to our unique evidence based choice modelling tool, instinct and reason has worked with financial institutions to understand the heart of their problems and the context in which it exists, to provide them with definitive and actionable answers.

Past experience, combined with end to end research offerings, including qualitative and quantitative methods, instinct and reason is able to provide financial institutions with answers to questions of any size and complexity.


instinct and reason do not just provide research; we provide actionable answers.

Our clients can be confident that they are not only going to work with experienced researchers who know the financial world intimately, but that they will walk away with strategic insights and tools allowing them to compete in the changing financial environment.

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