We believe that to contribute to better development results using evaluation, you need to build a strong evidence base for policy making and for learning.  Robust, independent evaluation of development programs provide information about what works, what does not and why.  This is where we come in.


instinct and reason has considerable experience in research and evaluation for business case development, both in the public sector and the private sector, in terms of business and new product development.

instinct and reason is uniquely placed in this area of business development and evaluation due to the combination of strong secondary data and qualitative exploration expertise, strong history of collaboration with academic and other experts where required and key internal intellectually property and capability in high-end and internationally renowned analytics in advanced predictive modelling, demand forecasting based on artificial neural network models, advanced segmentation, trending and “what if” analysis.

A recent project in the public sector was the evaluation to develop a business case for the use of videoconferencing technology to improve access for customers with managed or complex service needs, particularly those in rural and remote areas or with mobility challenges. A broader community project has been the development of a tool specifically to provide communities the ability to assess their adaptive capacity and to assess the likely impacts of changes for their future.

instinct and reason also has internationally renowned expertise conducting research and assessment to determine value for money and willingness to pay and in providing relevant cost benefit analysis. We undertake such work throughout Australia and in over 30 countries globally.


We have conducted research and evaluation work for policy development across different government portfolios, involving:

  • Supporting the development of the award winning Three Capes walk in Tasmania
  • Evaluation of two major Indigenous Employment Program providers
  • Evaluation of a three year National Energy Efficiency information grants program
  • A national study to inform establishing the necessary Frontline Disability Support Workforce and the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Projects for transport – Transport NSW, CityRail, Roads and Maritime Services, RTA, State Transit Authority and the Public Transport Ticketing Corporation
  • Projects for environmental agencies –  Office of Environment and Heritage (including the previous Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water), EPA, National Parks and Wildlife, Murray Local Land Service
  • Projects for Tourism –  Destination NSW, Tourism Tasmania, Tourism NT
  • Projects for Workplace – WorkCover NSW, Fair Work Australia

instinct and reason has extensive experience in policy development research and evaluation with most segments of the community, business, government, NGO sector and other stakeholders.

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