The NSW Government are conducting a research project that’s first of its kind in Australia. It’s starting in NSW and it’s to help Australians transition to more energy efficient homes, that are cheaper to run, and more comfortable and healthy to live in. It will also help us understand how we can all do our bit in reducing the carbon that goes into the atmosphere.

We’re visiting 1500 homes across NSW to understand how they use energy, to shape better policies and programs. The research involves participating households completing online surveys and an accredited energy assessor visiting their home at an agreed time to assess its energy efficiency. Participants will receive a written report of the findings, with personalised recommendations on how what they can do to save money on their energy bills.

The 1500 houses have been chosen randomly to ensure we speak to a representative sample across the state, meaning this study is invitation-only. Participation is voluntary.

If you are a participant, or have received a postcard inviting you to participate and would like to know more before registering, you may contact Didi from Instinct and Reason on 0447 593 039.

Instinct and Reason is working in collaboration with the NSW Government and University of Wollongong on this study.

To learn more about the research, visit

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