instinct and reason conducted a mixed method study to uncover how Barilla could acquire new market segments. The use of focus group discussions with non-users, a short online community where cooking and shopping experiences were shared, a reconvened group to shortlist the b attributes for the marketing experiment led into a marketing experiment using discrete choice modelling.

The leading driver of trial was the promise that Barilla pasta cooked better all the time. This brand promise along with three or four others were incorporated into the ad campaign that resulted in significant market growth in the pasta category.

Every type of pasta has a different cooking time. Egg pasta, for example, cooks much more quickly than dried wheat pasta. When cooking pasta, bear in mind that it will continue to cook even once it has been drained, tossed with the sauce and served. If you like your pasta al dente, or plan to finish cooking the pasta in the pan with the sauce, it is advisable to drain the pasta 2 minutes before the time indicated on the box. And use plenty of water!

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