Current & upcoming surveys:

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  • InsightTrove (connect to us to find out more!):
    • our monthly survey providing easy access to valuable insights with representative sample of 1000 Australians
    • fast and exclusive access to the results of your own questions
  • Australian online surveys:
    • Ref-3351: Measuring satisfaction and trust in Centrelink, Medicare, and Child Support services
    • Ref-3265: In-home energy assessment surveys to establish baseline household energy consumption across NSW (ongoing)
    • Ref-3243/4: Measuring the value and user experience of new design elements in a government web portal
    • Ref-3243/7: Assessing the experience of paid parental leave
    • Ref-3392: Understanding preferences and attitudes towards a potential memorialisation product
    • Ref-3399: Measuring attitudes and uses of a voluntary bill paying service for government
    • Ref-3401: Tracking community attitudes and used of a container deposit scheme
    • Ref-3402: Reviewing branding of a federal financial services agency
  • International online surveys:
    • Ref-5358: Measuring use of pest control products in South Africa, Kenya, and the Ivory Coast
    • Ref-5369: Measuring the value of a corn herbicide among farmers in 7 European countries

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