The world we know is changing around us as the demographic tidal wave of our ageing population sweeps through Australian society.

The traditional image of growing old and gradually slowing down while waiting for the life cycle to come to an end is not how many Over 55s are experiencing it.

Instead many (and soon most) are grasping life’s opportunities with vigour and with aspirations that rival those of much younger people. Thirty or forty years of working hard to build careers, families and wealth is now being pushed aside to allow life to be experienced  in a new way.

Giving a voice to the Over 55s who are discovering what the new experience of growing older means is what this study is all about. Understanding what they really want and meeting those needs remains the job of marketers. The need to imagine a life stage they haven’t personally experienced yet  is where the value lies in instinct and reason’s research among the Over 55s.

instinct and reason tracks the trends affecting the Over 55s including examining the transition from 50-54 to 55+. Turning 55 is a critical moment of consciousness in the lives of many Australians. We wanted to know more about this key segment. Moments of change represent opportunities for everyone – for the Over 55s themselves, the government, and commercial service providers.

This study is designed to give a voice to this group which historically has been ignored.

How we do it

A quantitative online survey is conducted nationally  with 1000 sample per quarter. Screening ensures the sample is aged 50+. Ten waves of research plus a baseline have been undertaken in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The sample is obtained from a quality accredited online research only panel with over 320,000 members.

Sampling quotas are put in place to ensure coverage of all geographic areas in Australia. Similarly with age cohorts and gender.

What it means for clients

Over 55 study provides context to research findings that helps us understand changing needs and aspirations of this important group.

The Over 55s Monitor covers:

  • Aspirations & concerns
  • Meaning in life & happiness
  • Technology & media
  • Shopping behaviours
  • Health & nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Wealth & financial
  • Disability & ageing
  • Travel &Tourism
  • Media