In early 2015, instinct and reason worked on testing the efficacy of concepts that eventually led to Tourism NT launching a new campaign that builds on the Do the NT brand: It’s About Time…Do the NT.

The new campaign included three new television commercials and was designed to boost the awareness of the Northern Territory to those considering booking a holiday to the NT ‘one day’. This large group of people of ‘Considerers’ were not currently paying attention to the Tourism NT advertising.

The new campaign targets this segment by creating a sense of urgency with the message of: ‘Go now before it is too late’. Instead of ‘one day’, we want this group of people to book a holiday to the NT ‘today’. The commercial breaks the mould of normal tourism ads, featuring ordinary people in their everyday lives who reflect about older relatives and loved ones who have ‘gone to a better place’.

In a humorous twist, the better place is revealed to be the Northern Territory with the closing tagline of: ‘Go now, regret never’ encouraging viewers to book a holiday to the NT before they run out of time.

The new campaign was a new direction for Tourism NT. Shifting from just promoting aspirational and enticing images of the Northern Territory to addressing people’s barriers to travel to the NT in a humorous way.

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