As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) starts to roll out across Australia, instinct and reason is still getting enquiries about the project we carried out for the Practical Design Fund which was presented at the NDIS launch conference in June 2013. The research was one of 73 projects funded by the Practical Design Fund and one of only two to be presented on the main stage at the conference to the 1400 delegates, in addition to an extended workshop session.

The research For full report click link focused on how to recruit and retain the workforce to be able to deliver the NDIS. There was a literature review, then qualitative research among people with disabilities and their carers to gain insight into views and experiences, notably the key qualities needed for workers delivering front line services for people with disabilities. There were also 22 group discussions among workers and potential workers. Then there was an extensive survey among those segments most likely to provide the future workforce (a total sample of 2164), and a choice model exercise to precisely measure the key drivers of job choice in this employment market.

instinct and reason has also undertaken other NDIS projects around communications, community engagement, and delivering the client-centred culture which is at the heart of the policy agenda.

For more information on the findings of the study please contact us!

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