Instinct and Reason is supporting the development of a new foundation called
‘Be Someone for someone’ which is determined to tackle loneliness.

Be Someone For Someone believes that no one should be lonely and that many things can be done to prevent it. Instinct and Reason’s director sits on the research advisory board but Instinct and Reason is also providing social research informing the development of programs to be run by the foundation.

In 2020 Instinct and Reason found that almost 2 in 5 Australians are experiencing loneliness (39% of the adult Australian community report feeling lonely). Those aged 18-34 are most likely to feel lonely (47%) compared to 24% of those over 55. However, while older Australians are less likely to feel lonely, they have a much more negative emotional experience when faced with the situations and circumstances that bring about loneliness. The 18-34 year old’s, while more likely to be lonely overall, are less negatively impacted. Instinct and Reason is committed to making a difference to all people feeling lonely.

If you are interested in corporate support …

Please don’t hesitate to contact David Donnelly, or any one of our team at Instinct and Reason if you need any more information.

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